Feature List

Standard Gestures

Straightforward detection of standard Drag, Tap, Swipe, Long-press, Pinch, and Twist gestures via fully configurable GestureRecognizers

Custom Gestures

Define PointCloud gesture templates and easily find out which one best matches the user’s input at runtime. Includes an integrated gesture editor.

Finger Input Events

Detect standard finger input events such as finger Down, Up, Hover, Move and Stationary using the built-in FingerEventDetectors.

Event-Driven Design

Receive gesture and finger input event notifications using either standard .NET delegate-based events or Unity’s SendMessage() approach.


Get up and running quickly with no extra coding by using the feature-rich collection of toolbox scripts, including:

  • Scripts to drag, scale and rotate individual objects
  • Several gesture-based camera controllers: orbit, pan, drag-view…


FingerGestures has been successfully tested on desktop, iOS and Android platforms.

PlayMaker Support

Use FingerGestures with the popular PlayMaker visual-scripting extension by using the custom actions included in the package.

Pixel Density Independence

FingerGestures helps you keep your gestures consistent across devices using different pixel densities by letting you configure them in device-independent distance units. A streamlined distance unit conversion API allows you to easily convert between raw pixels, centimeters and inches.

Input Device Abstraction

The input device used by the current platform is conveniently abstracted away, allowing you to write your input logic once and run it on all the supported platforms without any modifications!

On desktop, FingerGesture lets you simulate pinch and twist gestures using a combination of control keys and the mouse scroll-wheel.

Efficient Implementation

Particular care was taken to ensure good run-time performance and gestures responsiveness.

In order to avoid garbage collection spikes, the library doesn’t use any form of dynamic memory allocation after initialization.


Several easy-to-follow C# samples are included in the package to progressively introduce you to the main features of the library. You can try them online or browse their source code here.

Source Code

The complete C# source code  is included with the package to ensure maximum transparency.