Robust input gestures at your fingertips!


FingerGestures is a scripting package for Unity that lets you easily detect and react to common input gestures performed with either a mouse or a touch screen aiken analysis in essay writing essay writer custom essay writing service device, using one or more fingers.

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Handle Inputs Effortlessly

With FingerGestures, dealing with complex user input on different platforms becomes trivial!

Add support for tap, long-press, drag, swipe, pinch and twist gestures to your desktop or mobile applications in just a few lines of code!

Thanks to the abstraction layer provided by FingerGestures, you no longer need to maintain several different input code paths for each platform. You simply write it once and watch it run transparently on all the supported platforms!

Save Valuable Time

Why reinvent the wheel? Let FingerGestures take care of the low-level, platform-specific plumbing while you focus on your game!

With its intuitive event-driven design, you only need one or two lines of code to detect and react to most input gestures.

You can also get up and running even faster by using the higher-level toolbox scripts which require no extra coding!

Receive Quality Support

FingerGestures comes with several samples, an online documentation featuring a quickstart tutorial, user manual and API references, along with personal support via the dedicated forums or by email!

Free updates are also provided regularly, fixing existing bugs and adding more awesome features to an already feature-packed product!

More than excellent - It took me just an hour to implement ALL the gestures I wanted for my iOS-GUI - incredible timsaver, worth every cent! –Joachim Baur

Outstanding! A must have for any mobile app! This tool has saved me so much development time, its paid for itself ten times over! The support from the author is also very good, responded to my queries in a timely manner, and provided solutions to my queries, event sent me a modified script adding some additional functionality I was having problem doing myself!–Greg Basset

Great Stuff, well worth the price! Just chiming in to say this is a great extension; does what Unity should do out of the box! 🙂–Joe Schultz

Best Gestures Toolset on the Asset store!! If you rely on using gestures, either via mouse or touch-pad (iOS/Android), this is THE tool to have! Major time saver, excellent feature-set, and great support.–PsiMek

Intuitive and easy to use - It's a great time saver and an awesome addition to a Unity library.–Scott Dods

Awesome! I was having a hard time using touch events before buying this... After buying this I just plug the lines of code i need into the provided javascript skeleton... and it just works! Huge time saver!!!–Oskar Mohar

Big help - It takes a little bit of effort to set up the samples, but the result is well worth it. The gestures feel very smooth and professional. Saved me several hours of work.–James Osborne

This kit is very fast and easy. Worth the money!–Jean-Luc Calouro