FingerGestures v3.0 Released!

FingerGesture v3.0 is now available on the Asset Store! This is a major update that I’ve been patiently working on for quite a while now, and I’m very excited to finally have it out. The plugin has undergone a major architectural revamp to make FingerGestures more intuitive, flexible, responsiveĀ and easy to extend in future revisions.

Some of the exciting new features include:

  • Custom gesture recognizer
  • Built-in scene object picking
  • Support for message-based event notifications using Unity’ SendMessage API
  • Brand new PlayMaker actions
  • Support for retina displays
  • Twist gesture emulation on desktop

Due to the magnitude of the changes, this release is not backward compatible and existing users should read the upgrade notes carefully. For the full release notes and feedback, please check the dedicated thread on the forum.

On a side note, FingerGestures is part of this year’sĀ Madness Sale so you can get all that awesomeness for half the price from the Asset Store right now! Be quick though, the sale ends in a few days!