FingerGestures v3.0 Beta0 Released

This one took quite a bit of work and time to get right, but I’m finally happy enough with it to release a first beta version of it that registered users can download right now from the Beta Releases section of the forum.

This is quite a major rewrite of FingerGestures that should make it considerably easier to understand, use and integrate in your projects. Here’s a list of some of the major changes:

  • Switched to Unity’s SendMessage() approach for gesture event notifications (deprecating .NET events)
  • Gesture event data now include a reference to the top-most scene object being interacted with
  • Scene objects equipped with a collider can now automatically receive gesture event notifications (via SendMessage)
  • Improved overall gestures responsiveness
  • Automatic detection of Unity Remote
  • Twist gesture emulation on desktop using CTRL + Mousewheel (by default)
  • New priority system for events allows an event listener to consume/swallow specific events before they reach the next listeners
  • Option to adjust pixel distances to account for retina displays on iOS
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

I’m planning on releasing this version on the Asset Store within the next two weeks after it has gone through enough testing and the documentation has been properly updated to reflect the massive changes.