FingerGestures v2.4 Beta0 Released

As promised earlier, I have released a beta version of the v2.4 update on the Beta Releases section of the forum. Users who have registered their FingerGestures copy can go and download it right now.

Some of the highlights of this release:

  • Each finger now tracks the top-most scene object under it (Finger.Collider, Finger.OnColliderChanged)
  • Added toolbox scripts for object-based pinch & rotation gestures (TBPinch, TBTwist)
  • Added panning camera controller (TBPan – good for topdown/side views)
  • Added a drag-based first-persona camera controller (TBDragView & TBLookAtTap – think “google street view”)
  • Revamped swipe gesture (support for diagonals, exposed swipe motion vector)
  • Made drag and swipe gestures more responsive
  • Added rotation/twist gesture emulation on desktop (Ctrl + MouseWheel by default)
  • Included PlayMaker actions for FingerGestures

The complete release notes are available on the forum thread.