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Using the Toolbox

The Toolbox refers to an ever-growing collection of components built on top of the core FingerGestures framework in order to provide higher-level gesture-based features that you can use out of the box with very little additional effort, such as various camera controllers and object manipulation scripts.

The toolbox scripts are located in the Plugins/FingerGestures/Toolbox folder.

Camera Scripts

Place one of the following scripts on a camera object in your scene to provide the desired functionality. Please note that most of these scripts are currently mutually exclusive: for instance, you can't use both a TBOrbit and TBDragView at the same time on one camera.

Name Description
TBOrbit Orbit chase-camera controller with support for rotation, zoom and pan
TBDragView Control camera rotation using drag gesture (similar to Google Street View)
TBLookAtTap Orient the camera toward tapped location
TBPan Pan camera within a plane (useful for RTS/side-scrollers)
TBPinchZoom Add pinch-zoom functionality to your camera

Object Manipulation Scripts

The following scripts can be placed on collideable scene objects to allow for gesture-based manipulation:

Name Description
TBDragToMove Move an object around the scene using the drag gesture
TBPinchToScale Scale an object using the pinch gesture
TBTwistToRotate Rotate an object using the twist gesture
TBHoverChangeMaterial Change an object's material when a finger is over it
TBHoverChangeScale Change an object's scale when a finger is over it

Miscellaneous Scripts

Name Description
TBQuickSetup Automatically create all the standard gesture recognizers and finger detectors at start
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