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Playmaker Actions

Starting with version 3.0, FingerGestures ships with a sub-package containing several new actions to use FingerGestures directly from PlayMaker, one of the most popular visual scripting extension on the Asset Store.


First, import the FingerGestures Playmaker Actions from the sub-package located at Plugins\FingerGestures\PlayMaker Actions.unity

All the extension files will be extracted to your Plugins\FingerGestures\Extensions\Playmaker folder.


There are two PlayMaker samples included in that extension package

Sample #1 - General

This sample demonstrates how to use some of the FingerGestures actions to detect specific gesture events.

Sample #2 - Drag

This sample shows how to use the FingerGesturesDragObject action to move a specific object around the screen during a drag gesture. It also uses the FingerGesturesDragEvent action to detect the drag gesture start and end events to transition between the “Detect Drag” and “Dragging” states.


The following Playmaker actions are included.


  • FingerGesturesDragEvent: detect the drag gesture started/updated/ended events and outputs the drag motion delta
  • FingerGesturesSwipeEvent: detect the swipe gesture events and outputs the swipe vector, direction and velocity
  • FingerGesturesTapEvent: detect the tap gesture events
  • FingerGesturesLongPressEvent: detect the longpress gesture event and outputs elapsed time
  • FingerGesturesPinchEvent: detect the pinch gesture started/updated/ended events and outputs the pinch delta and total distance
  • FingerGesturesTwistEvent: detect the twist gesture started/updated/ended events and outputs the delta and total rotation angles
  • FingerGesturesPointCloudEvent: detect custom PointCloud gesture events and outputs the match score and distance


  • FingerGesturesGetFingerInfo: outputs the various properties of a finger provided by its index, such as finger position, start time, start position, previous position…
  • FingerGesturesTouchEvent: detects fingers touch down & up events
  • FingerGesturesHoverEvent: detects the finger hover enter/exit events
  • FingerGesturesDragObject: utility action to move an object around the screen


  • FingerGesturesDragObject: action that can be used to move an object around the screen
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