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Package Content

The content of the package gets extracted to the special “Plugins” folder at the root of your project's Assets directory. Here's an overview of the main files and folders:

Relative Path From Assets/Plugin/… Content Description
FingerGestures/ The library root folder
FingerGestures/Prefabs Convenience prefabs you can quickly drag into your scene
FingerGestures/Scripts The core scripts and components
FingerGestures/Scripts/Gesture Recognizers A script file for each gesture
FingerGestures/Scripts/Finger Event Detectors A script file for each finger event
FingerGestures/Scripts/Components Additional components used by the gesture recognizers or finger event detectors
FingerGestures/Toolbox Root folder for all the toolbox scripts
FingerGestures/Samples.unitypackage A sub-package containing all the samples
FingerGestures/PlayMaker Actions.unitypackage A sub-package containing new PlayMaker actions for FingerGestures
Editor/FingerGestures Contains editor extensions for FingerGestures

The main API scripts are located in the Plugins folder so that they can be accessed from scripts written in UnityScript (javascript) as well.

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