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Using the Twist Recognizer

A twist is a two-fingers-only continuous rotation gesture where the two fingers rotate around a pivot point in opposite direction. The twist amount is measured by the rotation difference since the gesture started.


  • Minimum DOT: DOT product tolerance value controlling what “opposite direction” means
  • Minimum Rotation: minimum rotation angle, in degrees, required to begin the twist gesture


void OnTwist( TwistGesture gesture ) 
    // current gesture phase (Started/Updated/Ended)
    ContinuousGesturePhase phase = gesture.Phase;
    // Rotation angle change since last move (in degrees)
    float delta = gesture.DeltaRotation;
    // Total rotation angle since gesture started (in degrees)
    float total = gesture.TotalRotation;

Desktop Emulation

On desktop, you can emulate a twist gesture by pressing your left-CTRL key and using the mouse scroll-wheel to adjust the rotation angle. This can be changed to another key on the “Mouse Input Provider” prefab.

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